We support, design and manage complex, versatile projects – with economic vision, awareness of sustainability, sensibility for details and concentration on the whole effort. In the end, the result counts. People and the environment are central.

In the successful combination of function, form and construction a complete unity emerges – with meaning and content. Craftsmanship and aesthetics merge into building art. Contemplating the entirety releases the fascinating interaction of individual elements.

Mode of perception – thinking – working.
Understanding is the foundation of a successful project. We listen, bring together and take the reins. We adapt our strategy to the respective circumstances – always keeping an eye on the most expedient solution.


The moh team stands for experience, competence and quality. Markus O. Hohler, the creative head of moh, is true to his roots and combines artisan training and versatile professional experience with academic knowledge. He acts in a reality-conscious, structured and target-oriented manner. Projects are comprehensively supported in all matters of importance to investors from the project idea and development and planning phases through to realisation and completion. Adhering to time schedules, watching the budget, constant control of project procedures and high flexibility also in case of project changes are part of the profile. Diligent management and coordination constitutes a basic element for the success of a project.

Project work

Project management, assumption of the role of the principal, user-related project management, coordination in principal organisations, contact with authorities and institutions, quality assurance in all phases and sectors, representation functions in special cases of any kind


Counselling of investors and private persons, preparation of decisions, support of overall projects or during transitional phases, selection of suitable project planners, crisis management and problem solutions, assessment of real estate and sites. definition of utilisation requirements


Social change, digitalisation as well as the advancing artificial intelligence cause an imbalance for individuals as well as the overall system. This leads to insecurities. The thus generated interpersonal tensions and conflicts of interest are to be detected and evaluated in order to mediate between the parties involved.

moh ‘man of help’

Support and coaching in the most varied circumstances, in important decisions and personal challenges – the spectrum of our offer is versatile and comprehensive. We listen, analyse, develop a program aligned with your issues and show you options for action.

Urban development as well as areal design are also to be considered in the context of space. Spaces reflect identities and open up spheres for life and work. This requires an appropriate, characteristic architecture language and creative desire.

Markus O. Hohler

Director of Hohler Architektur & Consulting GmbH
Architect, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
State-registered construction engineer
Carpenter, master sections 2-4
Scholarship in Taliesin West at Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation; Phoenix, Arizona
Since 2002 freelance architect
Since 2015 consultant architect and project manager

Function, form and construction must entail each other. It is not enough, if only one of them comes to the fore.


Markus O. Hohler is fascinated by devising, designing and realising buildings.
His experience as a carpenter, construction engineer and finally as an architect enters his consulting and supporting work in the most varied areas. Depending on role and function, he determines his focus and, at the same time, keeps an eye on the different aspects and requirements of the whole effort.
As an architect, he realised numerous new building, reconstruction and modernisation projects for more than 18 years.
Today, Markus O. Hohler supports large-scale projects of groups as a site architect. He counsels, examines and keeps the perspective of the entire project.

In addition to the functional and creative idea, materiality is an important pillar of any project’s success.
From the very inception, material can be given as a determining factor and thus fundamentally influence the structure’s design as well as its character.
Apart from ecology and economy, it can also be a metaphor that helps.


Hohler Architektur & Consulting GmbH

Markus O. Hohler
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